Friday 4 January 2019

Hello 2019

Hello 2019, lets make you more sweeter than 2018 😋😊

Hey lovely people first of all hello from me Saveen Kaur and welcome to my blog " Sav Bakes ".

I will be sharing with you all, pictures and information about all the latest products introduced at Sav Bakes and keep you posted about all things new out here on this blog!

So I have created this platform to connect with you all and talk my heart out about everything at Sav Bakes. So lets get started!

So 2018 saw the birth of my new venture " Sav Bakes " :)

So I really had no plans or even the slightest thought of starting something like this when the year had started and it just happened over a random thought in between the year and I am so glad it happened!

Its been a crazy ride so far loaded with so much adventure, so many emotions, so many happy moments, some scary moments, some funny moments, so much learning, meeting so many new people, exploring new territories and gaining so much wisdom and experience.

One fun filled creative adventure which led me to so much happiness, creative satisfaction, one which revealed my own potential and strength, increased my belief in my own self and made me stronger, happier and more confident!

Sav Bakes has helped me to push my limits and made me realise that nothing is impossible if you put your mind and heart into it 😊

So I have started everything from scratch and built everything from scratch right from conceptualising the logo with the tag line (which actually came into my mind instinctively in an instant ) to thinking about the products to designing the Menu, the Stationary and every tiny and big detail connected to Sav Bakes and all of this has been an extremely gratifying experience!

So the first thing that was introduced at " Sav Bakes " was the Special Assorted Box Of Brownies!

Assorted Box Of Brownies

Pic Courtesy : @foodmanicaindia 

You can select six or more different Brownies from our Menu at a time!

So currently we are offering more than 20 kinds of Brownies and we keep adding more flavours each month!

Apart from the Brownies which are our best sellers we have introduced more products like Cupcakes, Muffins, Bruffins, Cookies, Chocolate Balls, Tea Cakes and Cake Jars.





Cake Jars

Chocolate Cake Balls

Chocolate Cake Balls

Choco Chip Cookies  

Tea Cakes

And here is a preview of what's coming up soon on Sav Bakes -

So I am wrapping up this post with a grateful heart and on a positive note and would love to thank each one of those who have supported me in my this superb venture, would love to thank all my clients for believing in me and to all of those out there who have sent me DM's congratulating me on my new venture on my social media platforms and to all those who are reading this post!

Tons of Love 💕