Tuesday 10 September 2019

Make Life Sweeter

Hey lovelies so it's been really long since I have posted here.

So much has happened over the past few months at Sav Bakes that I couldn't write here since I have been so busy with the operations and new products at Sav Bakes 😊

I am so happy to announce that we have more than 30 varieties of Brownies and we are coming up with new ones almost every month.

We have introduced more varieties in healthy cakes and muffins as well! 

And we also have new cupcakes and cakes on the Menu. 

We have also had a few giveaways at Sav Bakes over the past few months and it makes me so happy to see the kind of response we have received for all of the above. 

I am sharing a few pictures from the above mentioned developments, you can see more on the Sav Bakes Instagram handle @_savbakes_ 😊

Looking forward to introducing more new products at Sav Bakes in the coming months, I will keep you lovely people posted about the same 😊

And also we look forward to spread more and more happiness and sweetness to all our patron's life by making their occasions more happier with our Desserts and to many more via our Bakes. 
So happy, glad and grateful that we can do this and make life sweeter with Sav Bakes 😇

Sending out tons of love💕