Sunday 2 February 2020

Hello 2020

Hey lovely people I am late in wishing you guys Happy 2020 but January has been such a busy month but its never too late right!

So last year a lot of development took place at Sav Bakes with so many new products launched. 

We also had a few giveaways! So grateful and happy about the same :)

2020 started on a fabulous note 😇 

So it started with baking my own two Birthday Cakes!  
One was a healthy cake made with Wheat and Jaggery and many more things and the other one was a  Regular Cake made with Refined Flour and Sugar.

I strongly believe that you should eat everything. When you eat things in moderation, you can indulge in whatever you like without feeling guilty.

I am so happy that post my Birthday so many people have approached us for the Wheat Cake for the birthday of their special ones :)

Looking forward to more new launches this year to make your life sweeter with our bakes :) 

Wishing all you lovely people a very Happy and Prosperous 2020 

Sending out tons of love 💕