Thursday 10 September 2020

So much New!


So since the past few months when the World came to a standstill all at once because of the pandemic, we were all locked up at our homes!

Well lockdown was a challenging period but it also gave an opportunity to focus on all those things that I was not able to do because of being busy with routine life.

So for me personally, it was a time when I got a lot of time to experiment with my bakes and develop new recipes and products for Sav Bakes.

So as I am writing this post, I am also in the process of creating a new menu for Sav Bakes which will have many new additions in Cakes and also healthy Cookies something I am really proud of 😇

I have been working on creating some yummy healthy cookies for all those people who are health conscious including me but also love to indulge 😁

I have always loved cookies but had drastically reduced indulging in them because of butter and sugar. 
So happy to inform you guys that I have been in the process of creating Cookies that are healthy and can be indulged guilt free! 

Also you can get some fabulous Vegan Cakes at Sav Bakes now which are not only low on calories but also rich in taste! 

We will roll out the new Menu soon so stay tuned 😊