Tuesday 12 December 2023

Healthy Chocolate by Saveen Kaur


Hey lovelies so here comes an easy peasy way to make Healthy Chocolates at home this December! 

They are so yummy with a healthy twist and look so festive and elegant 😊

Ingredients to make these yumness are below - 

1. Dark Chocolate. 

2. Assorted Seeds including Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds and Sunflower Seeds and Sliced Almonds. 

3. Square Chocolate Mould 

4. Vanilla Essence

5. Chocolate Wrapping Paper!

Keep all the ingredients ready including Chocolate Wrapping Paper. 

Make sure the moulds are washed and nicely dried.

Always use absolutely clean and dry tools for making Chocolates. 

So for making Chocolate, you first need to melt or temper the Chocolate and then add the remaining ingredients.

Method to melt Chocolate and Make Chocolates -

1. First chop Dark Chocolate finely and keep it aside.

2. Now take a pan and add water in it.

3. Fill only half of it and make sure you can place a glass bowl on it comfortably.

4. Remember the water should be filled to such a level where it is not touching the glass bowl.

5. Now switch on the flame and boil the water.

6. Reduce the flame to low. 

7. Add the finely chopped Chocolate inside it and stir it gently with a clean spatula till the Chocolate starts melting.

Make sure the chocolate doesn't burn.

8. Now remove the glass bowl from the boiling pan and keep it down.

9. Mix in 2-3 drops of essence of your choice and mix it well.

10. Now let the chocolate cool a bit.

11. Bring out the mould, add melted chocolate with a spoon in it.

12. If you want to add Assorted Seeds and Sliced Almonds, then fill half Chocolate, add Seeds again and then fill up the rest.

13. Once you have filled up all the cavities, gently tap the mould carefully to even out the chocolate.

14. Put the chocolate mould in the freezer for 15-  20 minutes till the chocolate has hardened.

15. Remove it from the freezer, keep it on a clean surface.

16. Gently remove all Chocolates from the mould.

17. Keep them on a clean tray.

18. Then pack up the Chocolates neatly in colorful Chocolate Wrapping Paper. 

19. Once you have finished packing Chocolates, put them in a nice Chocolate Gifting Box or store them in a clean glass jar. 

Enjoy and make your loved ones relish them too ❤️



Sav 💕